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Ustaad in Hindi means an expert or a highly skilled person.

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"There are enough job opportunities, what lacking is Talent"

Who We Are

Ustaad in Hindi means an expert or a highly skilled person.

Techustaads Pro Learning has been established to create Ustaads in Technology. Our Ustaads will be experts in technology and also have a positive effect in their professional and personal lives. They would be the Ustaads of their Career in a true sense.The idea of Techustaads Pro Learning took seeds after interviewing many Job Aspirants holding Software diplomas from various institutes. Only a handful of these candidates could be termed as suitable for a job. We found that Engineering/MCA grads did not have apparently their fundamentals clear and were also not equipped to write programs or simple algorithms.

We do not consider ourselves as trainers rather as Enablers. We help and give you the space to learn and work towards achieving Tech-Mastery while focusing on job profiles. People need to think beyond just getting a job. Getting a job is easy, however, sustaining and excelling at what you do and what is expected of you is much more crucial. It is a veritable battle for survival and only the fittest and quickest can make a mark.

What We Do

At Techustaads Pro Learning, apart from Technical Competence, we help build the following:

  • Continuous Learning
  • Decision Making
  • Cross Cultural Team Communication and Client Handling Skills
  • Behavioral and Personality Development skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Skills
  • Make graduates employable with deep technology expertise and sound financials skills
  • Ready to be Technology Ustaad?

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